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We are currently looking for New and Experienced Firefighters and or EMT's

We are currently actively seeking people that are curious as to what the fire and emergency medical services are all about. If you think that you have what it takes to help other people in your community we encourage you to take that step towards helping others.

Reqirements:   Live In the Ashton Fire District (or)
                        Work in the Ashton Fire District
                        18 years of Age (also we have a cadet program for those between the ages of 15-18)

We are currently looking to fill several Fire Fighter and EMT positions. The fire department will pay for all class fee's. The Ashton Fire department is a POC (paid on-call) department. When the tone's go off we are paid while on the call. The Ashton Fire Department firmly belives in training (interdepartmental and traveling to other classes).

To Inquire about joining the Ashton Fire Department you can leave a message at our station phone (815-453-7721) or you can e-mail the chief at or contact any other member on our roster that you may be familiar with.